How to get more people to answer your emails 


Sometimes all that stands between an entrepreneur and business success is getting the right person to read your email. This is why tips and tricks to make your emails more compelling and increase your response rates are so valuable, though few of these tricks are as easy to implement as one recently highlighted by two Harvard researchers in their new book, Inc. reports. 

The researchers sent one of two emails to around 7,000 school board members asking them to complete a short survey, and found that shortening the length of their message made a world of difference.  

One version of the email was 127 words and the other was 49. The shorter email got twice as many survey responses. 

Some readers looked at the length of the longer email and chose not to engage with it at all, while others didn’t read all the way through and missed the request to take the survey. Meanwhile, others may have decided that the longer email meant an even longer survey. Read the full story.