How shifting to Amazon, Etsy helped some retailers bounce back

As sales vanished amid the pandemic, many retailers shifted to Amazon and Etsy to help their brick-and-mortar stores survive, USA Today reports.

During the first six months of the pandemic, U.S. e-commerce sales jumped 40.7% while in-store revenue fell 2.7%. It would be easy to brush that off as an acceleration of commerce’s relentless migration to the internet, but there’s much more to it than that.

Essentially, the line between in-store and online is blurring, driven in part by pivot-or-perish stories helping to write the playbook for mom-and-pop success in the post-pandemic era.

“Selling online can be, and has been for many, a lifeline to keep brick-and-mortar businesses afloat—especially during the pandemic,” Keri Cusick, head of small business empowerment at Amazon, told USA Today. “Adding e-commerce as a channel can be a huge complement to brick-and-mortar stores.” Read the full story.