How landscape architect Justin Lemoine keeps ideas flowing

On his balcony overlooking the beach one morning, Justin Lemoine’s eyes bolted from his coffee cup to the meandering line of a fence.

Suddenly, in the middle of a vacation from his job as principal of ELS Landscape Architecture Studio, Lemoine had a new idea that wouldn’t let him be.

As InRegister details in its new The Creatives feature about Lemoine, the designer of the downtown North Boulevard Town Square revitalization, sometimes its a change in routine that can help bring new ideas for work.

“I thought, ‘Now that fence could be interesting as a ceiling for an outdoor arbor or some kind of feature wall,’ so I spent the next two days sketching and brainstorming ideas on how to use it,” Lemoine says. “That almost always happens when I’m traveling or out of the normal routine. For me, experiencing new things and places is the biggest inspiration.”

Lemoine suggests finding new places to think creatively, going for a drive in a different part of town, and attending social events that attract diverse groups of people. But it also takes the right mindset, he says. Read the full feature about how Lemoine fuels his creativity.

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