Homebuilders continue to push back at proposed Ascension Parish moratorium

Two weeks after Ascension Parish President Clint Cointment proposed a 12-month development moratorium following the latest bout of widespread flooding, the debate over the proposal is heating up, WBRZ-TV reports.

Brandon Ivey, chairman of the Home Builders Association of Greater Baton Rouge, says Cointment’s proposition isn’t an ‘actual solution’ and is an ’emotional response’ to flooding issues and concerns. Ivey, a homebuilder in Baton Rouge, says the focus should be on improving and maintaining existing drainage infrastructure.

Ascension is one of the nine parish’s whose homebuilders the association represents. In an interview Tuesday, Ivey said a blanket, parishwide pause isn’t necessary.

“[Ascension Parish is] not obligated to approve every single development that comes across,” Ivey said of planning and zoning officials. “If [development proposals] can’t meet the traffic regulations and drainage regulations, they don’t have to approve those developments. We’re OK with that.”

Ivey first shared a similar message directly with Cointment and council members last month, when droves of residents spoke out in support of the moratorium. 

The parish is set to provide an update on the proposal during Thursday’s council meeting, two weeks before a vote is expected. Watch the interview with Ivey.