GoAuto’s Greg Tramontin faces boycott calls over Facebook post

Greg Tramontin, GoAuto president and CEO. (Collin Richie)

GoAuto Low Cost Car Insurance has become the object of protest calls and a social media backlash after its chief executive referred to Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris as a “hoe” in a recent Facebook post.

In a since-deleted comment to another Facebook post about the presidential election, GoAuto President and CEO Greg Tramontin wrote, “Trump was doing it for all the right reasons. He loved his country. It was in trouble. [He] doesn’t need this, unlike power hungry Joe and the hoe!”

Tramontin’s attorney, Tony Clayton, confirms to Daily Report the post came from the GoAuto CEO but declined further comment, citing legal protocols.

Community activist Gary Chambers was among several Facebook users to post a screenshot of Tramontin’s comment. Chambers, along with the screen shot, included a lengthy post of his own, lambasting the local executive for his words and prompting hundreds of other Facebook users to call for a boycott of the Baton Rouge-based car insurance company.

“White men in power struggle to respect anyone else but other white men in power. They can’t grasp that anyone else is competent enough to lead,” Chambers, who is Black, posted about Tramontin, who is white. “Greg and his business should feel this. There should be Black men and women calling to cancel their insurance policies and going where they won’t be called ‘hoe’ when they reach the second highest office in America.”

As of Wednesday morning, Chambers’ post had generated more than 1,100 shares, 743 reactions and 236 comments, with some GoAuto customers commenting that they planned to cancel their insurance policies with the company and others writing that they would share the post so their friends with GoAuto insurance would also cancel their policies.

Tramontin, who has since deleted his Facebook account, deferred all questions, including those relating to the incident’s impact on his business, to his attorney. Clayton declined comment, saying he has yet to discuss the matter with Tramontin.