Get a taste of the over-the-top milkshakes from The Yard 

The Yard's signiture shake, Tiger Deaux. (Photo by Ariana Allison)

No, this isn’t an episode of Shark Tank. The Yard Milkshake Bar has arrived straight from the TV screen to Perkins Road. 

The specialty milkshake shop, first featured on the entrepreneurial-themed reality show in 2019 and known for its Instagram-worthy ice cream creations, opened its first Louisiana location July 9. 

Husband and wife duo Marc and Tracey Couvillion teamed up to bring the Southern franchise to the Boot after visiting its original Gulf Shores, Alabama, location. The store’s signature shakes are topped with everything from waffles to cupcakes to sugar cones designed to look like unicorn horns. In addition to these photogenic specialty milkshakes, the Yard also offers other deserts including traditional scoop ice cream flavors, edible cookie dough and ice cream floats. Marc says the store doesn’t stock ice cream cakes yet, but he hopes to add those soon.  

“The main menu is pretty much identical to other locations,” Marc says, “But we do have the freedom to come up with the signature shakes.” 

Case in point: the Tiger Deaux, a Baton Rouge shop signature shake piled with scoops of cookie dough and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream topped with purple and gold marshmallow cream, whipped cream, sprinkles and a sugary tiger paw all served in a vanilla-iced jar.

The new location’s secret menu also features the original “Louisi-nana” shake, designed by the winner of the “Build Your Own Milkshake” contest the shop ran prior to the grand opening. The banana-topped shake includes banana pudding, praline pecan ice cream and yellow marshmallow cream in a Nutella-iced jar rolled in cinnamon sugar. 

The Yard Milkshake Bar is inside Highland Park Marketplace, near the newest City Pork location. 

“We toured a lot of places in Baton Rouge, and this one right here at Highland Park Marketplace was one that stood out,” Marc says. “It has easy access to the interstate, and it’s not too far from LSU. It’s also a growing area, and a lot of stuff is moving down here.”  

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