Executive Spotlight: Gulf Coast Office Products President Trey Beall  

For Trey Bealle, president of Gulf Coast Office Products, the job is all about versatility, hustling from the boardroom to construction sites to meetings with finance and IT departments. The on-the-goal mindset seems to be paying off. With revenue growth of 5.8% in 2017 to $27.5 million, Gulf Coast Office Products ranked No. 97 on Business Report’s 2018 Top 100 Private Companies list.

Read the full Executive Spotlight with Beall. Here’s a sample of what you’ll find:  

You’ve been with Gulf Coast Office Products for more than 25 years now. How has your industry changed during that time and how has your company adapted?

“The industry has changed a ton. When I started, copiers only copied. Now they are networked printers, scanners and fax devices—and they play a huge roll in the office environment. We’ve adapted by adding IT and service personnel to more quickly respond to our customers’ needs. Also, we have had to educate ourselves more on how our customers’ industries work so we can better understand their needs.”

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