Ardendale education center looking to expand dual enrollment

The East Baton Rouge Career and Technical Education Center on the campus of the Ardendale urban village in Melrose East is looking to expand its dual enrollment programming to include partnerships with Fran-U, Southeastern University and, possibly, LSU.

Currently, CTEC students—high school juniors and seniors—are eligible to receive college credits through dual enrollment courses they take at CTEC, but those credits are only transferable to Baton Rouge Community College.

By the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year, however, CTEC hopes to offer dual enrollment courses that would count for credit in Fran-U’s nursing program and Southeastern’s industrial technology program.

CTEC Executive Director Summer Dann has been meeting with officials at Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health Systems, which operates Fran-U, as well as administrators at Southeastern about establishing the dual enrollment programs by this fall.

“There’s a lot of coordination that needs to take place,” Dann says. “But it would be great to be able to offer this for our students.”

Talks with LSU are not as far along as with FMOL and Southeastern, but Dann says there have been some preliminary discussions about working out some sort of partnership.

The dual enrollment programs would be a way to boost recruitment efforts at CTEC, which is halfway through its first school year. Currently, about 105 students are enrolled—seven fewer than when the school year began and about 25% fewer than originally planned.

But Dann says the first year is going well and by this fall, CTEC hopes to have 250 students–50 returning seniors and 200 new students.

Besides trying to attract those students through expanded dual enrollment programs, CTEC has been trying to spread the word about what it has to offer by going into local public high schools, hosting fairs and inviting business and industry to host gatherings on the campus.

Dann says word is starting to spread.   

“A lot of it is just educating kids and educating their parents about the opportunities,” she says. “The schools have been helping us.”

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