Ebb & Flow organizers ebbing and flowing around downtown library construction

As Ebb & Flow Festival organizers plan where to locate tents, themed artwork and equipment, one factor impacting their decisions is the resumed construction surrounding the downtown library as well as work tied to the Downtown Greenway multi-use path.

Consequently, organizers will wait until the Friday before the festival, scheduled for April 6-7, to set up more than 80 tents and the sound systems for the event’s four stages. In the interim, they’re planning to work around the construction taking place along the North Boulevard corridor.

“It’s meant to be a festival that is current, non-intrusive and complementary to the existing environment, whatever that is,” says Renee Chatelain, president and CEO of the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge. “It’s not a burden, it’s just something we work with.”

The organization has been working closely with the Downtown Development District to coordinate the event’s layout, says Chatelain. Several exhibits will take place near the library and Downtown Greenway, including a Young Entrepreneurs Academy trade show and other entrepreneurial-focused events on an “IDEA Stage.”

Meanwhile, musical headliners will perform on the nearby Crest Stage, and companies will compete nearby in Corporate Art Battles.

Chatelain says she hopes the library will be finished by 2020 so the Arts Council can hold Ebb & Flow exhibits there next year for visitors to see. For now, however, she plans to make use of the “work in progress” atmosphere.

“I like for people to come and see the construction,” she says. “It’s a sign of growth for the city.”

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