Dyson House to bring listening room to Zeeland Street Market

John Burns in the former Dyson House Listening Room in September 2018.

The Dyson House Listening Room, which sold its Jefferson Highway property late last year, will officially live on in Baton Rouge at a new venue—Zeeland Street Market.

Dyson House will host its first live music show at Zeeland Street on April 4, featuring Ross Newell and Eric Erdman, and a second on April 6, spotlighting Carson McHone, according to John Burns, founder and owner of Dyson House.

Burns, who had been searching for a new location for his live-music venue, says he was approached by his friend Haden Phares about moving to Zeeland Street, a local restaurant near the Perkins Road Overpass, which Phares and his ex-wife Stephanie Phares started. Stephanie Phares, who now owns and operates Zeeland Street, which serves breakfast and lunch, agreed to the idea.

“Actually Stephanie has been wanting to open at night,” Haden Phares says. “I thought this would be good way for her to use her space.”

Zeeland Street plans to add a stage and install other equipment to accommodate Dyson House live music acts, Burns and Phares say. The property also offers adequate space and parking. Burns says the restaurant can accommodate 30 to 35 more people than the original Dyson House location. Plus, it’s a popular area.

“Zeeland Street is in such a great neighborhood,” Burns says. “I thought it was a perfect fit.”

The former Dyson House property sold for $1.5 million in December to new owner Kristopher Klar, who plans to develop a new shopping center in its place.

The new opportunity to partner with Zeeland Street will help offset costs for Dyson House, as compared to owning its own building, Phares says.

Zeeland Street plans to offer food and some type of bar for the music shows in the evenings, Phares says, which will make for a “more complete, richer experience.”

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