Metro Council will decide if drive-thrus aren’t just for drivers


An East Baton Rouge Parish Metro Council member wants to require open businesses that operate drive-thrus to serve pedestrians, bicyclists and people using mobility aids such as wheelchairs when entrances are unavailable or locked. 

Council member Laurie Adams’ proposal is on the agenda for today’s regular Metro Council meeting after being deferred from the Nov. 23 meeting. 

Daily Report reached out this morning to Adams and two businesses that operate drive-thru restaurants but did not receive responses in time for publication. 

Other items on the agenda for today’s meeting include:

• Authorizing Mayor Sharon Weston Broome’s office to approve a cooperative endeavor agreement with Ascension Parish to expand the clearing and grubbing of Bayou Manchac. 

“Disaster destruction doesn’t stop at a parish line so regional flood protection requires a regional solution,” Congressman Garret Graves says in a prepared statement issued this morning. “Federal funding was secured and now we’re using the discussions [among officials] to move us to solutions faster. It remains a priority to remove debris and increase drainage of Bayou Manchac, Alligator Bayou, and Spanish Lake basin to protect our homes, businesses and families.” 

• Authorizing Broome’s office to hire the Butler Snow law firm as bond counsel for the next five years. The firm was the only one of the five that applied to receive a perfect score from the parish attorney’s office, finance department and council administrator’s office, according to council administrator-treasurer Ashley Beck. 

• Authorizing Broome’s office to spend up to $550,000 for legal representation in litigation regarding the downtown library. 

The meeting will be at 4 p.m. in the Metro Council chambers.