Drago’s considering Constitution Avenue spot for Baton Rouge restaurant

(Image from Google Maps)

Drago’s Seafood is eyeing a potential Baton Rouge location on Constitution Avenue near the corner of College Drive and Interstate 10.

A restaurant representative has submitted a rezoning request for a 13,600-square-foot building—formerly home to a music and entertainment store—between a Chili’s restaurant and Hampton Inn at 4580 Constitution Ave.

The request, which will go before the city-parish planning commission March 18, is to rezone the property to allow for alcohol sales and restaurant use, according to the meeting agenda.

“We’re real close on a deal in Baton Rouge,” Drago’s owner Tommy Cvitanovich says. “This has been a wish for our family for a long time. We’re very excited and looking forward to serving oysters in Baton Rouge.”

But the Constitution Avenue location is not a done deal, so Cvitanovich says he would prefer not to say anything more about the restaurant.

Drago’s, famous for its charbroiled oysters, has been on the hunt for a Baton Rouge location for more than three years. The restaurant—which founder Drago Cvitanovich opened in Metairie in 1969—currently has four locations: Jackson, Mississippi; New Orleans; Metairie; and Lafayette, which was the most recent to open in 2017.  

In the search for a Baton Rouge location, Cvitanovich says, Drago’s has “hit a few foul balls,” with potential spots that have not worked out. But now he says they may have finally found the “right pitch to hit a home run.”

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