David vs. Goliath: Louisiana’s ExxonMobil ITEP squabble takes national stage

The New York Times weighed in this morning on the Industrial Tax Exemption Program debate playing out in Baton Rouge, publishing a feature recapping the fallout following the East Baton Rouge Parish Public School Board’s recent rejection of two ExxonMobil ITEP requests.

While there’s little new information for those who’ve been following the drama in Baton Rouge, the story does bring the issue to a national stage, with the paper framing its piece as a David taking on a Goliath, triggering alarms in typically business-friendly Louisiana.

The story goes on to explore our impoverished state’s relationship with big oil and the tax breaks routinely granted in the name of job creation. In short, The Times raises this question: What’s more important: relatively small—though business argues critical—tax breaks for multi-billion dollar companies or giving more tax dollars to school districts claiming to be cash-starved?

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