Contractor business exam goes interactive to simplify licensing process

Wanting to streamline its licensing process, the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors recently changed its business and law examination—a mandatory requirement for most licenses—into an hour-long online class.

Karen Zito, president and CEO of the Greater Baton Rouge Home Builders Association, says the change simplified the process for contractors but says the interactive digital course does not replace the still-required trade exams.

“We work with the licensing board, so we want to provide education and training and any resource necessary for contractors to make sure they’re properly insured and educated,” Zito says.  

Michael McDuff, executive director of the LSLBC, says the board has been working on implementing the change—which went into effect on Friday—for the past eight months. By changing the pass-fail, open-book examination into a short class, McDuff says he hopes the transition will minimize the burdens of the licensing process.  

“We’re showing the information in a different way and streamlining the (licensing) process in a way that’s less restrictive,” McDuff says.

There are no changes in material from the test to the coursework, which covers license and labor laws, contracts, risk management, project management, and federal and state tax laws. There’s no additional cost for contractors to take the course, it’s covered by the licensing application fee.

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