Construction firms turn to tech amidst labor shortage

As a labor shortage continues to squeeze construction companies—four out of five report difficulties filling positions—most have increased base pay rates, according to a survey by the Associated General Contractors.

But many are also using technology to reduce the amount of time workers need to be on-site, The Houston Chronicle reports.

More than one-quarter of construction companies are using off-site fabrication—where parts of the building are delivered preassembled—as well as using drones, robots or laser- or GPS-guided machinery to reduce the amount of work their crews need to do.

Also, a growing share of companies—31% this year, up from 24% a year ago, say they are very comfortable with moving their documents to the cloud.

Dustin Anderson, Sage Construction and Real Estate’s vice president of sales, however, concedes a number of companies, especially older ones, still resist the idea of the cloud due to cybersecurity concerns. Read the full story.

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