Companies using new tools to hire, retain workers in a fluid job market

Millions of workers aren’t satisfied with their jobs, so companies are taking advantage of new tools to find and keep talent. 

Just 7% of workers say they are in their dream career, according to a new survey of 2,000 workers from customer service firm Moneypenny. Another 27% said they’re neither unhappy nor happy—meaning they’re probably open to outside offers.

Combine that with a record 10 million job openings in the U.S., Inc. reports, and there’s a recipe for mass resignation. Nearly 4 million people left their roles in June alone, one of the highest numbers ever recorded.

To solve the problems companies have with keeping workers, businesses are turning to new techniques to help them find hires who are less likely to bolt. Startups like Scoutible, ThriveMap, and Harver are selling technology that helps measure a job candidate’s fit for an open position. 

According to Moneypenny’s survey, the industries that have the unhappiest employees are energy and utilities, public services, and law enforcement, while those with the happiest employees include IT, banking and education. Read the full story.