Check out these offbeat tips from CEOs of America’s fastest growing companies 

Try thinking lazy the next time you need a simple solution for a tricky problem in work or business.

That’s the surprising advice of Bryan Cowan, CEO of the Irving, Texas-based Acuity Surgical, the No. 2,954 company on the 2021 Inc. 5000 list. 

“Lazy people know how to get things done quickly,” he says—an attitude that helped his company get through the early days of the pandemic, according to Inc. 

From watching HGTV while running the shop to not taking phone calls, many other leaders of America’s fastest-growing companies also have interesting, offbeat, and, most importantly, useful tips for boosting productivity and making strategic decisions. Among their top tips from the annual Inc. 5000 CEO survey are to send more emails instead of phone calls, imagine the worst possible outcome for a decision you’re about to make as a means to prepare for next steps and allow yourself to take it easy on days you may not have it in you to go full speed ahead. Read the full story from Inc.