‘CEO disease’ can destroy company culture

Being disconnected from employees can make them feel isolated, something one Midwest coffee shop CEO learned the hard way. 

As Inc. reports, Biggby Coffee CEO Mike McFall calls it the “CEO disease.” In 2014, morale at his company was down and employees were leaving at faster rates, a problem businesses have dealt with during the pandemic.

After a consultant surveyed the shops’ employees, McFall learned he had built a wall between him and his employees, and he was not open to their criticism, thinking he could not be wrong.

He and his team committed to making the company’s atmosphere better. They raised pay across the board, formed a task force to handle community engagement and held weekly meetings open to any staff members to define the company’s purpose—to support employees in building a life they love. The company also developed a coaching program to help employees grow personally and professionally.

Biggby Coffee now has 260 stores and 150 more set to open in the next 18 months. Read the full story from Inc.