Baton Rouge education specialist launches artisan cotton candy business 

Whitney Presley is a graduate student at LSU pursuing a Ph.D. in educational leadership, focusing on elementary math programs, but last December she entered the world of entrepreneurship when she created her brand, Le Doodle. 

Le Doodle is an artisan dessert company that produces cotton candy in flavors you’ve never seen at the state fair, including hibiscus, lavender and vanilla and citrus. Le Doodle mixes all of its cotton candy mix by hand with plant-based ingredients. 

“We offer an array of cotton candy flavors, colors, designs and toppings,” Presley says in a recent inRegister feature. “Customers have the option to customize the color of the cotton candy and customize the packaging for our cotton candy favors.”  

They also have a mobile cart for serving freshly spun cotton candy at residential or corporate events, she says. 

Le Doodle currently has three types of service: On-site cart service, which is based on the number of guests and number of hours of service; delivery service, in which the cotton candy is spun off-site, packaged and delivered to the customer; and beverage service, in which Le Doodle makes cotton candy toppers and garnishes for drinks. All orders are custom made through discussions with clients. 

“We have had an overwhelmingly positive response from customers,” Presley says. “The most common response that we have received is customers not realizing that cotton candy could come in colors aside from pink and blue, and that cotton candy could be made into so many different flavors.” 

Presley says she comes up with flavors inspired by food and events she enjoys. 

“For instance, I love lavender, so I wanted to create a flavor that incorporated lavender extract,” she says “I also enjoy going to brunch, which led me to create flavors based on drinks that you may find on a brunch menu.” 

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