Baton Rouge adds TV viewers, but still ranks No. 94 among U.S. markets 

Baton Rouge again came in at No. 94 in Nielsen’s annual designated market areas ranking, with 335,670 homes tapped into TV.  

Nielsen’s equipment detects audio codes to record the content that reaches each TV and device in the home. These market-level viewing preferences allow PR firms and advertising agencies to make informed marketing decisions.

There are 201 DMAs in the U.S. that Nielson measures, meaning Baton Rouge—falling below Shreveport (No. 86) and New Orleans (No. 50)—ranks near the middle among designated market areas. While Baton Rouge’s ranking was unchanged from 2020, the market added more than 40,000 TV households, rising from 293,619 to 335,670.  

COVID-19 and the resulting pandemic have impacted every business. From the early lockdowns in the spring to record-high COVID cases just before the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, viewing and listening habits changed—family-by-family and market-by-market, Nielsen reports. 

COVID-19 increased media consumption for several reasons—people wanted news about the pandemic, viewers and listeners wanted to know specifics about outbreaks within their community, and people were hungry for entertainment while self-isolating. The number of TV households increased in every market over the past year. 

According to the Nielsen DMA Ranks 2021, the top five markets remained unchanged: 

  • New York: 7,452,620 TV homes—6.162% of the U.S. market;
  • Los Angeles: 5,735,230 TV homes—4.742% of the U.S. market;
  • Chicago: 3,471,560 TV homes—2.870% of the U.S. market;
  • Philadelphia: 2,997,360 TV homes—2.478% of the U.S. market;
  • Dallas-Ft. Worth: 2,962,520 TV homes—2.444% of the U.S. market.

But there was up-and-down movement among the Top 10 in the rankings: Atlanta moved up three notches, from No. 10 to No. 7 and Washington, D.C., dropped two notches, from No. 7 to No. 9. See the report.