5 ways to be there for employees impacted by Hurricane Ida 

In the wake of devastating Hurricane Ida, more than a million Louisianians are still without power or internet connection, and government officials are asking people to stay home and off the roads. 

Needless to say, if it’s at all possible, your employees shouldn’t be working right now. But if that’s not an option, Inc. has compiled a list to help managers navigate the tough circumstances in which Baton Rouge area businesses find themselves: 

1) First, check in on everyone to gauge their status regarding their personal safety, electricity and their phone or internet service. 

2) Next, give key assignments to any unaffected staff. If your employees are spread out, those not affected can handle the business, while those struggling with Ida can focus on their homes and families.

3) Make sure everyone has vacation time. If it’s possible, pay your employees for this time when they cannot be working.

4) Remember that even days after the storm, it may take weeks to restore power and complete cleanup in some areas. Plan for what you can and expect future obstacles. 

5) Remind employees of your company’s EAP phone number. Employee Assistance Programs can help your employees with almost anything they need—emotionally or financially. If you don’t have an EAP, talk to your insurance broker right now and add it for 2022. Read the full story from Inc.