‘225 Dine:’ How to navigate a new supermarket

Pulling up to Asian Supermarket, 225 writer Devon Sanders says she was overwhelmed by the size of the building.

Every aisle was full of unfamiliar foods, but supermarket owner Yuefeng Chen helped by showing her how to use the ingredients to create traditional Asian dishes, 225 details in a new feature.

Chen says this is what Asian Supermarket is all about: showing customers how to shop and create real Asian dishes when they might not know how.

Originally launched in Lafayette, Chen opened the Baton Rouge location in 2017. Chen says she decided on the Florida and Sherwood Forest boulevards location because on the strong Asian population in the neighborhood.

Asian Supermarket began as a way for the local Asian community to have a taste of home, and grew into a hub for those wanting to try foods they might not be able to get elsewhere, she says.  

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