‘225 Dine:’ Baton Rouge’s obsession with poké continues

While poké, a dish made of chopped raw fish coated in seasonings and marinades, and mixed with fresh veggies, has been around for centuries in Hawaii, its start in Baton Rouge has only just begun.

Last year saw an explosion of local poké restaurants, all featuring their own take on the dish, 225 reports. With poké shops opening up left and right, 225 decided it was time for a guide to the poké places in the area, and what you can expect at each one:

  • Southfin Southern Poké: When it opened about a year and a half ago, Southfin introduced poke to the city but with its own Louisiana spin on the dish. Expect a lot of flavors, toppings and a beverage and dessert options to choose from.
  • Poke Loa: This chain that started in New Orleans prides itself on healthy living and fresh flavors, and its bowls certainly reflect that. Instead of rich sauces, Poke Loa has light and refreshing marinades and dressings.
  • Poké City: Besides traditional poké  bowls, the shop also switches things up with “poké burritos”  

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