Year-over-year Baton Rouge sales tax collections up $3.3M in 2019

    Baton Rouge’s sales tax collections in December 2019 rose some 0.13% from the same month the year before, raking in some $17.75 million, according to the latest report from the city-parish. With all collection reports for 2019 now submitted, total year-to-date revenue is up by $3.3 million, reaching more than $195 million.

    Most of the December combined sales and motor tax growth came from outside city limits, with the parish seeing a 2.14% monthly increase versus the city’s 1.33% decrease. 

    The 2% city and parish sales tax dropped 0.26% in December compared to the previous year, but is reporting a 1.70% year-over-year growth. 

    Meanwhile, total city and parish vehicle tax collections increased in December, up 5.77% from 2018, ultimately bringing in $15 million throughout 2019, about 1.89% more than the 2018 yearly collection of $14.7 million.

    Throughout the year, the city saw a slight overall yearly rise in combined collections (0.29%), while the rest of the parish saw a larger year-over-year increase (3.56%).

    Sales taxes account for just under 60% of the city-parish’s general fund budget. However, last October’s vote to incorporate the proposed city of St. George—should it survive several court challenges—will remove some of this sales tax revenue from the general fund, as the city’s $1 billion budget for 2020 was approved without a cushion for that potential loss.

    Read the full report here.

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