What am I missing without managed IT?

Sponsored by Genesis 360

Genesis 360 has built a solid reputation in the construction sector, and the company’s IT division is also growing tremendously. Its success with high-profile clients in the energy and insurance sectors demonstrates its capability to help your business too.

Founded in 2011, Genesis 360 encompasses four divisions – Construction, Grounds Maintenance, Building Maintenance and IT Services. Founder and President Craig Stevens has a degree in information technology, and he has extensive experience in IT as an officer in the Air Force.

“If information technology is not your full capability and what you do as a business, we offer multiple services for the client, managed and optimized services, even something as simple as email support,” Stevens says. “It’s one less thing you have to worry about, and you can then focus on growing your business and what you’re really good at.”

Here are some of the services offered by Genesis 360’s IT division that can be customized to suit your business’ needs.

Cyber security

Each business has different needs in the cyber space, and Genesis 360 takes an individualized approach to making sure you and your business are covered. Along with phishing attempts or hacking that can compromise digital devices, and even entire networks, ransomware attacks have become another huge issue for businesses. Cyber security systems are a critical piece to keeping your business safe from such attacks.

Email & help desk support

These areas seem simple enough, but many smaller companies, as well as new companies, may not have dedicated staff members in these roles. Genesis 360 can step in and take this burden off your staff and place it into the hands of experienced IT professionals. From a business perspective, this move can also help you reduce your overhead costs.

Cloud services

Some companies still choose to store their own data despite not having expertise in this area.

Genesis 360 can provide this service, eliminating the need for businesses to invest in and maintain physical servers, while providing a more flexible, secure and efficient workspace.

Staff augmentation

It’s not always financially sound for a company to take on fulltime employees for a short-term project due to onboarding costs, as well as the cost of providing fulltime employee benefits. Genesis 360 can provide qualified data analysts to provide those services for the length of the project.

Value added reseller services

Genesis 360 can help your business with the acquisition of the equipment you need to run a successful business. This includes servers, computers, cabling and other essentials. The added value comes from Genesis 360 completing the installation, consulting, troubleshooting and other services after the initial purchase.

Visit online at genesis360llc.com to learn more about Genesis 360’s technology solutions, as well as its three other divisions.