Tips for tailgating without spreading COVID-19 

    Fall usually means some of our favorite pastimes—football, tailgating, and outdoor get-togethers. With concerns about COVID-19, LSU closing the campus to all tailgating, and bars and restaurants required to limit capacity, many Tigers fans might be hosting get-togethers at home this weekend to watch the game.  

    To help keep the party going, and safe, Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center has put together a list of tips to keep at-home tailgates from becoming COVID-19 hotspots. 

    Don’t skimp on the handwashing: Don’t be afraid to ask guests to wash their hands frequently while at the event. When they come in, before they eat, after they eat, use the restroom or at any other interval. Have hand sanitizer available, too. 

    Go outdoors if possible: Having an outdoor event with lots of space to play, talk, and spread out could help people stay at safe distances from one another.

    Deep clean your tailgating tables (and other surfaces): After the guests leave, make sure you wipe down all major surfaces that people touched such as doorknobs, toilets, tables, sink handles, etc. with disinfectant. 

    Avoid shared food or drink: Make party food and drinks in single-serve portions. Be cognizant of where people would normally share spoons, scoops or eating areas. Some good ideas for single-serve food would be chips, hamburgers or hot dogs. Avoid dips, nuts or other communal food.

    Use labels: Use disposable cups or other serving ware and label drinks so that cups or bottles aren’t mixed among guests.