This year’s top- and bottom-dollar jobs

    The highest paying jobs in the country tend to be high-skill, high-responsibility positions that typically require education credentials beyond a bachelor’s degree.

    As USA Today reports, they tend to be heavily concentrated in the technology, professional services and engineering sectors. Conversely, the jobs with the lowest salaries tend to have minimal educational requirements, if any, and generally come with more limited responsibility.

    Using data from recruiting and data company Glassdoor, 24/7 Wall St. identified the 25 highest and lowest paying jobs of the year. Jobs were ranked based on the average median base pay from January through November 2018.

    No. 25 on the list of the highest paying gigs is programmer analyst, which earns a median annual base pay of $69,000 across the country. No. 1 is a pharmacist, which make a national median base pay of $126,597.

    With a median base pay of $24,693, baristas have the lowest paying jobs. No. 25 on the list of lowest paying jobs is graphic designer, which has a median base pay of $45,496.

    Read the full story and see the full list of the highest and lowest paying jobs.  

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