Sunshine Cleaners acquires parcel in Rouzan for third Baton Rouge location

    Sunshine Cleaners has acquired a roughly .25-acre tract in Rouzan from Engquist Development and plans to open a new location on the site.

    The property, which sold for $249,640 in a deal that closed Wednesday, is on an outparcel adjacent to the site of the East Baton Rouge Parish Library’s planned south branch neighborhood library, which is currently in design.

    While the bulk of Rouzan’s commercial development is clustered at the front of the Traditional Neighborhood Development facing Perkins Road, the library and new cleaners will be on the west side of the development along Glasgow Avenue.

    Attorney Charles Landry, who serves as the developer of Rouzan, says locating Sunshine Cleaners near the library was intentional and will provide service to the immediate Southdowns neighborhood.

    “Like the library, we wanted it to be very accessible to Southdowns and people who live in the immediate area,” he says. “We are working really hard getting services of value to our residents

    The new Sunshine Cleaners, which will be the 25-year-old company’s third location in the local market, will not do any dry cleaning or laundry on site nor will it provide drive-thru service.

    “Rouzan was the perfect choice for our third location,” Sunshine Cleaners owner Donny Moore says. “The sense of community and the exciting growth pairs perfectly with our customer service philosophy.”

    The building is currently being designed. Construction is expected to begin later this year.

    Since Engquist Development acquired Rouzan exactly two years ago from the TND’s original developer, Tommy Spinosa, the pace of development has increased exponentially:

    • Since January 2018, 100 new single-family homes have been completed or are under construction, with most of the construction taking place in the past 12 months.
    • Additionally, a clubhouse is expected to open in the next 30 days, while the pool will open in late spring.
    • In another potentially significant development, the developers have finalized purchase agreements for three major commercial developments that will be adjacent to the existing Town Square, which is home to a Sprouts supermarket and a nail salon.

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