See which Louisiana parish pushed back against dollar store growth

    Dollar stores are expanding their footprints, especially across the South, but there are plenty of opponents trying to cut off their growth.

    Tangipahoa Parish is highlighted in this Louisiana Illuminator feature about communities passing laws to keep new stores out and refusing to grant exceptions for dollar store developers looking to get around zoning rules.

    As easily as they can list all the dollar stores flanking their homes, critics have a list of complaints readily available. They point to reports that the stores are frequent robbery targets, accusations that they undercut grocery stores—leading to their shuttering—and that the cluttered stores are just dirty.

    Last year, Tangipahoa marked new ground in the fight, blocking a Dollar General store by using broad authority to protect the community’s safety.

    The decision is working its way up the courts and could set a new precedent for communities looking to keep dollar stores out.

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