Roundup: Kingfish / Medical marijuana / Spanish Town flamingos  

    Time capsule: A decades-old time capsule buried in the walls of the Louisiana Capitol building by former Gov. Huey Long in 1931 has been uncovered as work begins on restorations of the building. The Capitol’s current architects say planned construction would make future access to the capsule impossible, so it had to be uncovered now. The box will remain sealed until it is analyzed and a plan is decided for where and how to display the time capsule and its contents. Read the full story. 

    Expansion: Wellcana Group, one of the two companies approved in the state to produce medical marijuana, is scouting out locations between Baton Rouge and Lafayette for space to build a 100,000 square-foot indoor marijuana greenhouse and storage facility. The new facility would also be used as a collection center for hemp grown by local farmers for Wellcana’s planned push into CBD products. Read the full story. 

    It begins: Although Twelfth Night officially signals the start of the carnival season, in Baton Rouge the feeling of Mardi Gras and parades to come is signaled when the pink flamingos of the Spanish Town krewe make their annual appearance, WAFB-TV reports. The flock of wooden birds littered University Lake on Monday morning. Read the full story. 

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