Roundup: FEMA delays sales / Risky FHA loans / More data breaches

    Waiting game: Home sales in parts of Louisiana and other areas are on hold in instances where required flood insurance can only be obtained through the federal government. The Federal Emergency Management Agency informed insurers this week that they cannot issue or renew National Flood Insurance Program policies as long as the partial shutdown is in place. has the full story.

    Gambling: In a sign that the government is making riskier loans, the share of federally backed loans going to borrowers receiving down payment assistance has increased in the past five years from 30% to 39%, The Houston Chronicle reports. The Federal Housing Administration finances 33% of purchases by first-time homebuyers, and the level of risk that the program takes on could affect the financial health of the FHA and borrowers. Read the full story.

    Breached: USA Today reports that billions of people were affected by data breaches and cyberattacks in 2018—765 million in the months of April, May and June alone—with losses surpassing tens of millions of dollars, according to global digital security firm Positive Technologies. Cyberattacks increased 32% in the first three months of the year and 47% during the April-June period, compared to the same periods in 2017.  Read the full story.

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