Roundup: EV Jeep / Crime scene law / Lane Grigsby

    Affordable: Stellantis plans to offer a $25,000 all-electric Jeep vehicle in the U.S. “very soon” to better attract mainstream consumers amid slower-than-expected EV adoption. Read more from CNBC. 

    Don’t come closer: Gov. Jeff Landry on Tuesday signed a law making it illegal to be within 25 feet of a police officer working a crime scene. The bill was previously vetoed by former Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards. Read more from WAFB-TV. 

    Congratulations: Lane Grigsby, chair emeritus of Baton Rouge-based Cajun Industries, was recently awarded ABC’s inaugural Legacy Medallion for Advocacy for his contributions to the merit shop construction industry over more than 50 years. Read the full announcement.