Roundup: Coronavirus vaccine / Overpaid CEOs / Amazon groceries 

    Medical testing: Drugmaker Moderna Inc. has shipped the first batch of its coronavirus vaccine to U.S. government researchers, who will launch the first human tests of whether the experimental shot could help suppress the epidemic originating in China, The Wall Street Journal reports. The institute expects by the end of April to start a clinical trial of about 20 to 25 healthy volunteers. Initial results could become available in July or August. Read the full story. 

    Evaluating top execs: In a new report called “The 100 Most Overpaid CEOs,” nonprofit As You Sow lists companies where CEO pay is over the top compared to a company’s total shareholder return, Fast Company reports. As You Sow’s “overpayment” calculation is based on a statistical regression model from the investment services company HIP Investor that looks at what CEOs should have made based on longer-term company performance. See the top 10 overpaid CEOs. 

    In Tomorrowland: Amazon has launched a full-size grocery store in Seattle that opened today, USA Today reports. The Amazon Go Grocery offers pretty much everything you’d see at a local supermarket but to use it, shoppers have to download the Amazon Go app and scan their phone at a kiosk when they enter the store. Every item shoppers pick up and bag is monitored by overhead cameras, which note if something is returned to the shelf. When done, shoppers walk out of the store and receive an email receipt of their purchase. Read the full story. 

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