Report finds waiters, manufacturers most likely to lose jobs to automation

    Some of the lowest-paying jobs have the most potential to be automated, Reuters reports, based on the findings of a recent Brookings Institution analysis. That means about 25% of Louisiana’s jobs could be in jeopardy as artificial intelligence enters mainstream.

    Most at-risk are waiters, cooks and other workers in the food preparation and service industry, who are paid, on average, $23,900 a year. Those jobs have an “automation potential” of 81%, according to the study.

    Meanwhile, manufacturers and other production-related workers have jobs that are 79% likely to be automated. Those workers earn an average annual income of $37,200.

    Rounding out the top three are office and administrative support employees, who make some $37,300 annually and are 60% at risk of losing their jobs to automation.

    The spread of advanced technologies means more jobs will come under pressure as autonomous vehicles supplant drivers and smart technology changes how waiters, carpenters and others do their jobs.

    Read the full Reuters story.

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