MyHy strikes deal to expand sales throughout Midwest, South 

    MyHy, a hydration product developed by former LSU and Green Bay Packers quarterback Matt Flynn, announced today it has signed a deal with construction and manufacturing service company Belmont Enterprises to expand sales throughout the Midwest and South. 

    The hydration product comes in liquids for mixing with water and in popsicle forms, and is available for the public at Rouses Market. ExxonMobil, Shell Global, Marathon Oil, Entergy Corporation and Turner Industries incorporate MyHy products into their safety practices by offering the liquid electrolyte hydration mixture and freezable popsicles to their workers. The deal with Belmont could expand MyHy’s reach among companies. 

    Flynn was inspired to start MyHy while playing for the Packers. After he left the NFL, he returned to Baton Rouge, where he had close relationships with athletes and athletic programs—and where the climate was more than warm enough to test new hydration drinks. MyHy was formulated through sweat studies to closely match the concentration of electrolytes in human sweat. Read the company’s announcement here, and a recent Business Report feature about Flynn here

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