Mid City Beer Garden owner Kelli Paxton discusses the art of running a bar 

    The hallmark of a great neighborhood bar is walking inside and hearing a greeting from a friendly face behind the counter. Kelli Paxton was that person for regulars at The Radio Bar on Government Street.

    After helping owners Dave Remmetter and Brian Baiamonte establish the Mid City hangout, Paxton served as its general manager. She wore many hats during her time there, including drafting the seasonal cocktail menus.

    But Paxton always had her sights on something bigger.

    Back in 2015, Paxton, Remmetter and Baiamonte brainstormed their next move: Mid City Beer Garden, with each of them as co-owners. It took four years, but in August the project finally opened its doors.

    The bar almost instantly became a neighborhood hotspot. And there was Paxton: the friendly face greeting visitors at a place she could call her own.

    225 spoke with Paxton about her journey. Read the full story, which appeared in the January 2020 issue of 225. 

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