LSU athletics revenue was climbing even before championship 

    Even before the national championship season, LSU athletics saw significant revenue growth in several areas, including ticket sales and contributions, according to an analysis of the department’s financial reports.

    Each participating college’s athletics department is required to submit an annual financial report to the NCAA, detailing expenses and revenues for the program and for each sport. LSU athletics’ fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30.

    As The Daily Advertiser reports, for fiscal year 2019, which includes the 2018 season for LSU football and the 2019 season for most other programs such as gymnastics, baseball and basketball, the school saw more than 3% revenue growth from the 2018 fiscal year. 

    Revenue for LSU athletics grew last year by more than $12 million to nearly $158 million, while spending increased $11.5 million to $149 million. 

    Much of that revenue growth stemmed from boosts in ticket sales revenue (up about 5%), contributions (up 21%), in-kind contributions (up 7%), media rights (up 3%), distributions from the NCAA (up 41%), bowl revenue (up 14%), and sales of novelties, parking, and concessions (up 1.5%).

    Several of LSU’s smaller programs had a large bump in contributions in 2019. Women’s tennis saw the biggest improvement, a jump of more than 4,400% from 2018 (from $2,335 to $105,521). In 2019, the team made the NCAA Tournament. Read the full story. 


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