More Louisianans unhappy with state government, survey finds

    A growing share of Louisianans are pessimistic about the direction the state is headed, according to the latest Louisiana Survey results, and a large majority of respondents believe the state is more politically divided than in the past.

    Exactly half of the 852 Louisianans surveyed from across the state say the state is headed in the wrong direction, a 10% increase since last year’s Louisiana Survey by the Public Policy Research Lab at the LSU Manship School of Mass Communication.

    Conducted annually since 2003, the Louisiana Survey is a six-part report that aims to reveal how people from across Louisiana view state government and its policies. The results released this morning are the first part of this year’s report.

    “What we see this year with the survey is that people overall feel more negatively about the state of Louisiana and are frustrated with the lack of compromise and problem-solving in the capitol,” says Michael Henderson, Public Policy Research Lab director.

    Other highlights from the results released this morning:

    • 60% believe elected officials should work with other elected officials they disagree with rather than standing up just for their own positions.
    • 79% believe both Republicans and Democrats will bicker and oppose each other even if it keeps them from solving the state’s problems.
    • 73% say the state is more politically divided now than in the past.
    • 70% indicate that they believe most elected officials in Louisiana do not care what people like themselves think.
    • 66% report feeling “not very much” confidence or “none at all” in the wisdom of the people of Louisiana when it comes to making political decisions.
    • 61% report feeling “not very” confident or “not at all” confident in the state government’s ability to address the state’s most important problems.
    • 66% say good jobs are difficult to find in their communities.
    • 78% say they trust state government only “some of the time” or “never.”

    This year’s survey was conducted between Jan. 26 and March 3, and has a margin of error of 3.4 percentage points.

    See the full survey results released this morning.

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