2018 LSU freshman class outperforms 2017 newbies

    The largest and most diverse freshman class in LSU’s history was enrolled in the fall 2018 semester after the college began revamping its admissions process.

    Now that this cohort of students—some of whom were admitted under a new comprehensive admission process that requires a letter of recommendation and looks beyond an ACT score and GPA—has completed a semester, LSU is releasing data about their academic performance.

    Last fall, LSU enrolled a record 5,812 freshman, topping the previous record of 5,725 new freshmen enrolled in 2012. The 2018 freshman class matched or outperformed previous classes in a number of areas, including:

    • Earning more credits in the first semester than the previous two incoming classes
    • Equaling the 2017 freshman class GPA
    • Louisiana residents meeting the qualifications to retain their TOPS scholarships at a higher rate
    • Seeing an improvement in fall to spring retention levels

    The 2018 freshman class earned more credit hours than the previous two freshman classes and maintains the same GPA of the 2017 freshman class–a 2.8 grade point average.The group also had the lowest class withdrawal rate compared to the last three years of classes.

    Freshmen who are from Louisiana are among the most successful LSU has seen with 92% maintaining their TOPS scholarship heading into the spring, besting the 2017 freshman class. The group of students had a fall to spring retention average from fall to spring of 94%, equal to the 2017 freshman class despite having 900 more freshmen this year.

    Within this group, the 2018 students admitted under “exceptions” transitioned at 90% rate, while the fall 2017 cohort transitioned at 86.6 %.

    LSU announced in September 2018 that the same comprehensive admissions process used on some of the students in the 2018 freshman class will now be used for all entering freshman. For more details, read Business Report’s feature on the “holistic process.”

    Read the full announcement from LSU.

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