Lafayette seafood restaurant signs lease for old Pelican House building

    The Fiery Crab, a Lafayette seafood restaurant, has signed a lease to open in the CitiPlace building formerly occupied by Pelican House.

    General manager Victoria Crigan says an opening date hasn’t been set yet for the Baton Rouge location, but that it will be announced soon.

    “We have so many customers that are coming here from Baton Rouge and they definitely wanted this concept moved there,” Crigan says.

    Crigan says Fiery Crab also working on opening a Houston location in the near future.

    The high-profile restaurant building has been vacant since March, when the owner of Pelican House filed for bankruptcy and closed after nearly five years in business.

    Crigan says there may be a few changes to the menu, but it will remain mostly the same as in Lafayette, with patrons choosing their seafood, spices and sauce for boiling. The Fiery Crab serves a variety of seafood such as oyster, shrimp, crawfish, mussel, lobster, blue point crab, snow crab and dungeness crab.  

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