Is LinkedIn still relevant in the professional world? 

    LinkedIn, and its 673 million users, lives in its own social media world. Some question whether the platform’s lack of design and user-friendliness have made it a waste of time. 

    The Wall Street Journal reports on the pros and cons of a platform and whether it still has a place in the professional world. 

    When updated properly, “LinkedIn lets people connect with others in their industry; it’s a living, digital resume you can send to potential employers and a tool used by recruiters to find better candidates,” The Journal reports. 

    Yet with many users letting their profiles lapse, only updating them with the rare job change or being an overly zealous salesman, others argue the site has become disingenuous from its original concept. 

    Rather than just leaving a ghost shell of a profile online, users looking to make the best use of the site should regularly post content relevant to their career—innovations, job openings, industry shifts, etc. Read the full story

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