[Sponsored] Internal Threats: How to protect your company’s information before it’s too late

Sponsored by LJONES CFA, LLC

Email phishing scams and other external cyber threats are nothing new. Many companies now realize the risk that insiders can pose to the company’s data security. Employees have access to sensitive information on a regular basis, and may know how that information is protected. If they want to steal it or leak it they can usually do so with far greater ease than outsiders. The threats that originate from inside are much more difficult to prevent and detect using one-size-fits-all security measures. For many small- to medium-size organizations without the resources to hire full-time information technology staff, the risk from insiders increases. Whether attaching the wrong file to an email, oversharing on social media, losing a laptop or USB drive, or through some mistake, insiders can unintentionally put an organization’s data at risk. Disgruntled employees can also cause intentional harm to an organization by stealing or transferring proprietary and confidential information to third parties, including competitors. These disgruntled employees who steal or transfer data often become employees of the organization’s competitors. Disgruntled employees can also intentionally destroy important data of the organization.

Fortunately, business owners can combat these threats. Larry Jones is a retired FBI Special Agent now working as a private computer forensic analyst. His firm, LJONES CFA (Computer Forensic Analyst), is a Louisiana licensed private investigative firm specializing in computer investigations. LJONES CFA is focused on providing computer investigations and data loss prevention strategies to small- and medium-sized organizations. Jones can get results in nearly all types of computer, mobile phone and data storage investigations. As a forensic analyst, Jones can give expert testimony where required, and has been recognized as a computer and mobile phone forensic expert.

Private investigations LJones can perform:
—Consultation with organizations to develop a proactive data loss prevention strategy.
—Training for organizations to create employee awareness and provide employee best practices (cyber hygiene) for computer network and data security.
—Theft of proprietary data by current or former employees.
—Theft of money or personal information through the use of phishing emails. In the corporate environment these attacks are commonly referred to as business email compromises or ransomware attacks. These type of attacks pose an external threat to the company.
—Employee misconduct investigations, including violations of companies’ IT policies such as unauthorized use of external media (i.e. USB), unauthorized installation of software, or excessive/unauthorized internet use.
—Victim assistance with online extortion or harassment schemes and the compromise of personal information or accounts (i.e. email). While these situations are normally reported to law enforcement, Jones has been requested to perform a preliminary investigation prior to contact with law enforcement. Jones can also facilitate contact with law enforcement for the victim(s).
—Consultation with attorneys concerning pending or anticipated civil litigation or criminal charges.
—General data recovery like the recovery of accidentally deleted sentimental photos or confidential information from computer drives and mobile phones.
—Secure erasure of data from older data storage devices prior to discarding those devices.


In order to to combat the potential of online fraud or data theft, Jones can even provide training for your team. If you would like a confidential initial consultation or more information, click here or call 225.324.5171. To view Jones’s professional profile on the FBI Retired website, click here.