How the shutdown affects federal employment in Louisiana

    As the partial federal government shutdown enters its third week, its effects on public-sector employment are far-reaching across the country.

    In Louisiana, Governing reports 18,777 people are employed by the federal government, and roughly 6,000 employees are currently working in agencies that don’t have enacted appropriations, meaning they aren’t being paid.

    Roughly 420,000 federal personnel are working without pay across the country, and the Senate Appropriations Committee estimated that another 380,000 would be furloughed. Many of these jobs are concentrated around the Washington, D.C., metro area, but numbers are expected to gradually rise as the shutdown continues.

    Most of these civilian employees, along with all military (which accounts for a major portion of federal employment), are still on the job. That’s because appropriations bills covering several agencies have already been signed. That accounts for about 12,772 federal employees in Louisiana whose jobs are still funded. Read the full story.

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