LSU’s social media team was as successful as the football squad

    “Dominant” dripped off the tongues of commentators, radio hosts, reporters, fans and neutral spectators alike throughout LSU’s unprecedented 15-0 run this year. And every moment of history made was amplified by another dominant LSU team: the Tigers’ small social media squad, Front Office Sports reports. 

    According to MVPindex, LSU football had the most engagements—likes, comments, or shares —of any NCAA football program this season, with 29 million across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. LSU football claimed nine of the top 10—and 20 of the top 25—most engaging social posts from NCAA football teams this season. 

    LSU’s social team strategically capitalized on the program’s stellar season by focusing on three key components: culture, celebrity connections, and creating a live feel on their channels through quick-turnaround content.  

    Prior to 2018, the university had no dedicated social team within the athletics or video services departments. Last season, they shifted their strategy to focus specifically on social media. This season, as Matt Tornquist, coordinator of creative and digital content, explains it, they did the same stuff they started a season before but “better and faster.” 

    Part of the ‘better’ began on the field—more football success meant more significant moments throughout the season to leverage. But they also got better at incorporating culture into the content, using music from Baton Rouge artists, and taking advantage of clever captions. 

    “Louisiana has a really rich culture, and our fans aren’t any different,” Brandon Berrio, associate director of creative and digital content, says. “So this season, we used that to connect with them where they were on those social platforms.” Read the full feature on the social media team. 


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