Home health devices rule at annual CES tech show

    Companies are planning to get personal at the 2019 CES technology show this week in Las Vegas, The Wall Street Journal reports.

    The annual event for showcasing the latest in consumer technology features self-driving shuttle buses, 5G wireless hubs, artificially intelligent ovens and more, but exhibitors will also be displaying their ability to intuit deeper health data directly from users, often with cheap, even wearable, devices.

    On display is a wristband that checks blood pressure, a forehead sleep sensor that detects if you stop breathing and a band for a woman’s stomach that tracks an unborn baby’s heart rate and in-utero kicks. There is a breath monitor to tell you more about your digestion and an at-home sperm test that produces a live video of your sample.

    In 2019, 511 companies at the show registered as exhibitors in the digital health category, up from 472 last year, a Consumer Technology Association spokeswoman says.

    Helping to drive this shift in the market are both the improvements in sensor accuracy, which increases a company’s likelihood of getting a device cleared by regulators, and the advances in data processing. Read the full story.

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