Here is a three-step approach to fostering effective leaders

    A three-step approach that prioritizes transparency, includes concrete examples, and documents insights is critical to helping cultivate growth and empower effective leaders, Inc. reports.

    Finding the balance between constructive criticism and encouragement can be challenging at every level of an organization. 

    The first step, according to the magazine, is addressing the issue in real time and not waiting until later. Annual or bi-annual reviews are helpful prompts to dedicate time to assessing holistic performance and establishing longer-term professional objectives. However, reviews should not be the only time feedback is shared. 

    Reserving feedback for once or twice a year makes performance assessment an opaque process and diminishes an individual’s ability to make continuous improvements.

    Delivering feedback in real-time enables team members to make incremental performance changes immediately. Additionally, the feedback can help build trust between managers and team members through transparency. 

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