Former Saints WR Marques Colston-backed juice and smoothie business expands to Baton Rouge

    Backed by former New Orleans Saints wide receiver Marques Colston, Main Squeeze Juice Co. has expanded to Baton Rouge with the opening of a Ben Hur Road location.

    Colston, who’s been a part of several other business ventures over the years in the northeast, says he and his wife, Emily, always knew they wanted to do business in Louisiana after being in New Orleans for 10 years with the Saints.

    “We knew it was a good fit by sitting down with the corporate team and forming a relationship,” says Colston, who played with the Saints from 2006 to 2016 and currently lives in New Jersey. “We have the same philosophy: doing well by doing good.”

    Colston has part ownership of the brand, co-owns the flagship store that will open in New Orleans next year, serves on the board of directors and is director of development on the executive team for the company. Colston’s wife, Emily, says as a personal trainer and fitness competitor, she especially likes the company’s products, which are made from natural ingredients.

    “Healthy is my everyday life,” says Emily Colston. “I like to be behind a product that I can say I can take this any day any time, it’s good and I can give it to my kids,”

    Main Squeeze, which opened its first store in Lake Charles in 2016, has 40 other franchises in various stages of development, according to CEO Thomas Nieto. He expects half of those franchises to open next year and the rest in early 2020.

    There are also additional locations planned for Baton Rouge with a Long Farm location slated to open the first quarter of next year and another in the works in Rouzan. Nieto says he aims for his products to help people become the best version of themselves.

    “If you can get people to love themselves and feel good about themselves, it can change their life. It changes their relationship with their spouse, their children and their job,” Nieto says. “We try to help them by creating an outlet to make healthy easy.”


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