F45 Training City Square: Encouraging Baton Rouge to “move for life” [sponsored]

    With a mission to improve people’s lives, F45 Training is specifically designed to provide a functional, full-body workout while improving energy levels, metabolic rate, strength, and endurance. F45 offers time-efficient training that helps members transform their lifestyles physically and mentally, and as part of a global organization, they are able to give personalized instruction with classes from highly trained instructors from all over the world.

    “The ‘F’ in ‘F45’ stands for functional fitness, which means our workouts mimic our everyday movements, like sitting, standing, picking things up off the floor, and picking up our kids,” says local Owner and Manager Heather Bush. “We’re helping members build strength while losing fat, but also moving through life in a safe and healthy way. The ‘45’ indicates the maximum number of minutes of each workout.”

    Classes at F45 are specifically designed for each member’s unique situation and goals. By encouraging all members to use their monthly InBody scan, F45 digitally monitors body fat, muscle mass, and how many calories are being burned while at rest. Bush and Membership Director Kristin Smith find the scan keeps members’ goals on track, helping trainers know what to adjust if they see a member has, for instance, lost weight but has also lost muscle mass.

    “While instructors are leading classes on large screens, our qualified trainers walk around each class to ensure that each member is getting the most from the workout while keeping the correct form to prevent injury,” says Smith. “So you may be in a class with an Olympic swimmer who is training to perfect a dive, a CEO who needs to achieve maximum results in as little time as possible, or a grandparent who wants to maintain flexibility during their golden years.”

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