East Baton Rouge Parish tax collections down 12.6% in September

    Combined tax collections were down about 12.6% in September, the first year-over-year decrease since August 2016, according to newly-released data from the city-parish Finance Department.

    The big reason? This time last year sales were surging as thousands began the process of recovering from last year’s widespread flooding.

    Roughly $16.1 million in sales and vehicle taxes were collected during the month, down from about $18.5 million a year ago.

    Tax collections declined inside and outside the city limits in September.

    Roughly $8.6 million in sales taxes were collected within incorporated Baton Rouge, down 6.7% from the $9.3 million collected during September 2016.

    Vehicle tax collections nosedived, falling about 29% to $660,210, from $925,396.

    Outside of the city, vehicle and sales tax collections experienced double digit decreases. Roughly $6.2 million in sales taxes were collected—about 10.3% less than in the same month last year.

    Taxes generated from the purchase of vehicles declined 56% to $568,020 from $1.2 million.

    The news isn’t all bad though. Year to date in September, the city-parish collected $145.7 million in sales and vehicle taxes. That’s up some 5.2% from $138.4 million from the same period last year.

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