Controversial $10K land deal at Bluebonnet and Jefferson could be resolved soon

    Recent filings suggest the lawsuit between the city-parish and local contractor Radu Cosman over the controversial $10,000 sale of a prominent corner lot—at Bluebonnet Boulevard and Jefferson Highway—could be resolved soon.

    After nearly a year of no movement in the case, defense attorney Loren Kleinpeter last month filed an answer to a request from plaintiff’s attorney Mary Olive Pierson. Procedurally, the plaintiff could not move for a summary judgment without the response from Kleinpeter, Pierson says. 

    The sale of the 50,000-square-foot lot at the corner of Bluebonnet Boulevard and Jefferson Highway raised eyebrows in 2017 after local contractor Radu Cosman snagged the land for $10,000 as the lone bidder in an auction. After the news broke, however, the city-parish ordered an appraisal, which found the land to be worth more than $600,000. The city-parish filed a lawsuit later that year to rescind the sale.

    Pierson says she has received word that the defendant is working on an offer to resolve the matter, but hasn’t received the offer in writing yet because Cosman has been out of the country. Kleinpeter was unable to be reached for more information before this morning’s deadline. 

    In the next couple of weeks, Pierson says she’ll either receive an offer or will move forward with requesting a summary judgment. When that judgment could be handed down depends on the docket, but Pierson says she expects this to be resolved within the next six months. 

    The only solutions available, she says, are for either the city to pay the money back, plus interest, or for Cosman to pony up the remainder of the appraised price for the land. 

    “They have indicated what the offer might be, but I need it in writing,” Pierson says, declining to comment on what the offer could be.

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